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About Our Company is an internet property totally owned and operated by TMG Systems Corporation, a Colorado Corporation. is part of a family of brands whose mission is to satisfy a growing segment of the population whose hope is that technology can actually simplify their lives without adding additional complexity.

Here at ITS we believe that the convergence of technology with our lives has resulted in a new opportunity for consumers to offload often menial or repetitive tasks to "intelligent" products, therefore freeing up moms and dads (even the kids) to go to the soccer game on Thursday night without a thought as to how the plants will get watered, the heat will get regulated, the security system will work, the washer and dryer will continue functioning, the internet connection will stay up, the media system will keep working ... etc.

Here at ITS we also believe that consumers walking into big box retailers and walking out with the solution they want is not realistic. The level of help offered is usually adequate for a single item purchase, but consumers are now interested and usually aware that they should be considering a more complete and coherent set of technology solutions for their home and family.

The higher end of the technology solution provider is the custom installer. We firmly believe in the custom installer for those that require a unique system and are able to pay the costs associated with that service. Please contact us or browse to our installer directory if you feel that this is the level of service that you need. We are aligned with many installers throughout the US and may have a recommendation for you.

The ITS set of properties mission is to fill the gap between the big box retailers and the custom installers. We provide not only the individual products that consumers need at a competitive price, but also provide pre-packaged, pre-configured, out-of-the-box solutions for a broad range of home automation needs.

Finally, we are committed to quality ... of solutions and services. We are technology people that love what we do and are willing to go beyond what the big box retailers will do to help with your technology needs.

Thanks - The TMG Systems Corporation Team