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Brilliant Unveils New Plug-In Smart Home Control Panels, Making Smart Homes Accessible to All

Brilliant, the US-based smart home manufacturer, has announced a new version of its Smart Home Control Panels that can be easily installed anywhere. This innovative “install anywhere” plug-in version allows homeowners, renters, and professional installers to bring smart home capabilities to any residence, regardless of whether it’s a house or an apartment. The system features a user-friendly touchscreen interface that provides comprehensive control and automation for a wide range of smart home devices.

The original collection of Smart Home Control Panels from Brilliant, introduced in 2018, was designed to be installed in specific light switch spots in homes. These panels were seamlessly integrated into electrical boxes, requiring a neutral and ground wire connection. While this installation approach made it easy for most people to incorporate a control system into their homes, there were still some who couldn’t take advantage of the Brilliant smart home experience. This included people living in older homes without neutral or ground wires, apartment residents who couldn’t access their wiring, individuals uncomfortable with home wiring, and professional installers who weren’t licensed to perform electrical work.

With the new “install anywhere” plug-in version, Brilliant has addressed these limitations and opened up the possibilities for a wider audience. The plug-in version can be simply plugged into any electrical outlet, eliminating the need for complicated wiring installations. This means that even those living in older homes or apartments can now enjoy the benefits of a smart home system. Additionally, professional installers and security dealers can easily offer Brilliant’s smart home solution to their customers without the need for electrical work.

The versatility of the “install anywhere” plug-in version is a game-changer for the smart home industry. It allows for greater accessibility and flexibility in incorporating smart home technology into any living space. Whether it’s controlling lights, thermostats, security systems, or other smart devices, the Brilliant Smart Home Control Panels provide a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Brilliant continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the smart home market. By addressing the installation limitations of their original Smart Home Control Panels, they have made it easier for a wider audience to embrace the benefits of smart home technology. With their user-friendly interface and extensive compatibility with popular smart devices, Brilliant is positioning itself as a leader in the smart home industry.

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