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Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm Acknowledges ‘Poor Judgment’ of Staff Blocking EV Chargers with Gas Cars: Examining the Incident and its Impact on EV Charging Etiquette.

Title: Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm Acknowledges ‘Poor Judgment’ of Staff Blocking EV Chargers with Gas Cars

During a recent House Science and Technology Committee hearing, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm addressed an incident that occurred during her four-day electric vehicle (EV) road trip in June. Granholm’s staff came under fire for blocking EV chargers with a gas-powered car, leading to frustration among EV drivers. Granholm admitted that her team exercised “poor judgment” in the incident. This article examines the details of the incident and Granholm’s response.

The Incident:
In Grovetown, Georgia, Granholm’s staff created chaos at an EV charging station by blocking open chargers with a non-electric car. A 911 call obtained by Fox News Digital shed light on the incident, revealing how EV drivers were left waiting as Granholm’s staff occupied the chargers. The incident sparked outrage and raised questions about the actions of the Energy Secretary’s team.

Granholm’s Response:
During the committee hearing, Republican Representative Scott Franklin questioned Granholm about the incident. Granholm acknowledged her staff’s “poor judgment” and expressed her admiration for her team. She suggested that her staff may have blocked the chargers to keep the trip moving smoothly. However, Granholm distanced herself from the blame, stating that she was not the one saving the spot. It was later revealed that the charger was ultimately reserved for Granholm to avoid waiting in a long line.

The Impact:
The incident caused inconvenience for EV drivers who were left waiting for charging stations due to Granholm’s staff’s actions. This incident highlights the importance of responsible behavior and consideration for other drivers when using public charging infrastructure. It also raises questions about the level of awareness and training within Granholm’s team regarding EV charging etiquette.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s acknowledgment of her staff’s “poor judgment” in blocking EV chargers with a gas-powered car during her road trip emphasizes the need for responsible and considerate behavior when using public charging infrastructure. The incident serves as a reminder for all EV drivers to be mindful of others and to follow proper charging etiquette. As the adoption of electric vehicles continues to grow, it is crucial for government officials and their teams to set an example and prioritize the smooth operation of EV charging infrastructure.

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