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GlobalData Strengthens Automotive Intelligence with Rebranding of LMC Automotive

Title: GlobalData Completes Rebranding of LMC Automotive, Enhancing Automotive Intelligence

In a significant milestone for GlobalData’s growth strategy, the company has officially rebranded LMC Automotive, following its acquisition in December 2021. The integration of LMC Automotive into the GlobalData family marks a unified commitment to providing gold standard data, unparalleled expertise, and insights in the automotive industry under one brand.

GlobalData’s expanded automotive coverage is now fully enabled and powered by LMC Automotive’s forecasting and market intelligence expertise. This integration enhances GlobalData’s analytics capability, offering a comprehensive solution to the complex value chain of the automotive industry.

Jeff Schuster, Global Head and Executive Vice President of GlobalData Automotive, expressed excitement about the new opportunities and combined solution as GlobalData’s new Automotive Intelligence Center. He emphasized the company’s dedication to delivering exceptional services and empowering clients with high-quality research and analysis.

Schuster also highlighted that this rebranding is just the beginning of the company’s new capabilities. Equipped with expanded resources and the trusted LMC analyst team, GlobalData aims to provide second-to-none insights to its clients.

The integration of LMC Automotive into GlobalData reinforces the company’s position as a leading provider of automotive intelligence. With a unified brand and enhanced expertise, GlobalData is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of the automotive industry and provide valuable insights to its clients.

As GlobalData continues to grow and expand its offerings, the rebranding of LMC Automotive serves as a testament to the company’s commitment to delivering comprehensive and reliable data, analysis, and insights to the automotive industry.

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