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Leapmotor Expands Globally with New EV Models, Unveils Mid-Sized C10 SUV at Munich Motor Show

Leapmotor, a Chinese electric vehicle (EV) startup, has announced its plans to expand globally with five new models. The company aims to enter right-hand drive markets, including Europe, and has unveiled its mid-sized C10 electric SUV at the 2023 Munich motor show. Leapmotor’s founder, Zhu Jiangming, stated that all future products will be developed with a global mindset and adhere to global standards. The C10 will be sold in the UK after 2024, and it remains to be seen if other right-hand drive markets like Australia will follow suit. The C10 will be available in fully electric and range extender variants, with five- or six-seat configurations. It will be built on Leapmotor’s new Leap 3.0 architecture and offer both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive powertrains. The company has incorporated innovative technology into the C10, including individual battery cells bolted to the chassis for improved thermal efficiency, a central “supercomputing” platform that integrates drive and body modules, and an intelligent cockpit system powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 computer chip. Leapmotor also promises a comprehensive active safety suite and Level 3 autonomous driving capability. The startup has already started sales of its first car, the T03 hatchback, in Europe and has seen significant growth in China, with over 111,000 cars sold in 2022. Leapmotor has attracted the attention of automotive giants such as Stellantis and Volkswagen, with the former reportedly considering an investment in a local EV firm to establish a business partnership in China.

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