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Samsung’s Upcoming ‘Galaxy Ring’ Smart Ring Set to Compete with Oura in the Wearables Market

Title: Samsung Confirms ‘Galaxy Ring’ Smart Ring to Compete with Oura

In a recent update to the Galaxy Wearable app, Samsung seemingly confirmed the existence of its much-anticipated smart ring. Users on a Korean forum spotted a new ring icon within the app, and 9to5Google confirmed that Samsung is referring to the product as the “Galaxy Ring” and plans to release it in 2024.

This revelation aligns with a trademark registration for the Galaxy Ring that appeared on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office site earlier this year. The application stated that the smart ring will focus on tracking, measuring, monitoring, and uploading health, fitness, and sleep-related information, similar to popular smart rings like the Oura.

Speculation about a Samsung smart ring first arose when the company filed a patent in October 2022. The patent showcased a ring equipped with sensors to detect heart rate and blood pressure, along with the ability to control electronic devices like laptops, smartphones, and TVs.

The Galaxy Ring will enter a competitive market, with the Oura Ring boasting over a million users. Oura has gained recognition for its ability to detect COVID-19 symptoms up to two and a half days before users notice them. Other companies, such as Movano and Circular, have differentiated their smart rings by focusing on features like reproductive health tracking and personal assistants.

Samsung is expected to develop a separate app for the Galaxy Ring, providing users with additional controls, similar to its approach with the Galaxy Watch and other wearables.

As the smart ring market continues to evolve, Samsung’s entry with the Galaxy Ring promises to offer consumers another option for tracking their health and fitness. With its established wearables ecosystem, Samsung has the potential to deliver a compelling competitor to existing smart rings. As we await its official release in 2024, the Galaxy Ring is poised to make a significant impact in the wearables industry.

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