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Taipei 101 Run Up Returns, Highlighting Green Building Credentials and Global Leadership in Sustainability.

Title: Taipei 101 Run Up Returns After 3-Year Hiatus, Showcasing Green Building Credentials

After a three-year hiatus, the Taipei 101 Run Up is set to make a comeback on October 14. The event, which involves a challenging race up 91 floors and 2,046 steps, will showcase the iconic building’s green credentials and its recent Platinum-level WELL certification, making it the only one of the world’s top 10 supertall buildings to have achieved both LEED and WELL certifications.

The Return of the Taipei 101 Run Up:
Running enthusiasts from around the world can now register online for the Taipei 101 Run Up, which will take place on October 14. Participants will face a vertical elevation of 390 meters and a 3°C temperature difference between the start and finish. The event promises to be an exciting challenge for both seasoned runners and newcomers.

Taipei 101’s Green Building Achievements:
The theme of this year’s Taipei 101 Run Up is “We Are Well,” reflecting the building’s recent Platinum-level WELL certification. This prestigious recognition highlights Taipei 101’s commitment to sustainable architecture and its dedication to creating a healthy and vibrant environment for its occupants. With both LEED and WELL certifications, Taipei 101 solidifies its position as the tallest green building on the planet.

The Symbol of Taiwan’s Contemporary Civilization:
As a symbol of Taiwan’s modernity and progress, Taipei 101 Chairman Chang Hsueh-shun emphasized the building’s commitment to sustainability and its desire to promote health and happiness. The Taipei 101 Run Up serves as a celebration of this commitment, inviting everyone to ascend the building as healthy, vibrant, and happy individuals.

Exclusive Packages for Foreign Participants:
To ensure international participation, guaranteed slots for foreign participants and special bundled tickets that include access to the observatory deck are available for purchase through Klook. However, it’s important to note that spots are limited, with only 50 slots available. Don’t miss out on this thrilling vertical marathon experience!

The return of the Taipei 101 Run Up after a three-year hiatus is an exciting event that showcases the building’s green credentials and commitment to sustainability. With its Platinum-level WELL certification, Taipei 101 stands as a global leader in sustainable architecture. The race promises to be a challenging and exhilarating experience for participants from around the world.

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