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Edinburgh Airport Installs 40 EV Chargers to Support Sustainable Transport Options for Passengers.

Edinburgh Airport has taken a step towards reducing its carbon footprint by installing 40 electric vehicle (EV) chargers across its car parks. The chargers are part of a Low Carbon Energy Project and are aimed at supporting sustainable transport options for passengers traveling to and from the airport. The chargers have been strategically placed across three different car parks, with five in the FastPark valet parking option, 15 in the Terminal Parking facility, and 20 in the Plane Parking facility. Passengers can book to have their car plugged in while they are away, ensuring a fully charged vehicle upon their return. The chargers are part of a wider project at the airport, which includes the construction of an eleven-acre solar farm and a transition to hydrotreated vegetable oil for airside vehicles. The airport aims to reduce emissions as part of its sustainability strategy and provide a sustainable future for the airport.

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