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Celebrate Alexa’s Birthday with Massive Tech Discounts on Smart Speakers, Mesh Wi-Fi Routers, and Fire TVs.

Title: Celebrate Alexa’s Birthday with Huge Discounts on TVs, Smart Speakers, and More

Black Friday may still be a few weeks away, but Amazon is already offering enticing tech discounts to celebrate Alexa’s ninth birthday. The sale features discounts of up to 56% on a wide range of products that feature the popular digital assistant. From Echo Show smart displays to Eero mesh Wi-Fi routers and 4K Fire TVs, there are plenty of deals to take advantage of. Here are some of our favorite picks from the sale.

Smart Speaker and Display Deals:
The Echo Show 5 (3rd Gen) is a versatile smart display that can stream movies, display recipes, show live streams from Alexa cameras, and even function as a digital photo frame. With a discount of $50, it’s a steal at just $40. If you prefer a larger display, the Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen) is also on sale. Despite being the previous generation model, it still offers great features, including a built-in 13MP camera with auto-framing, perfect for video calls and home monitoring.

For parents, the Echo Dot Kids (5th Gen) is a fantastic option, now available at a discounted price of $28. These smart speakers come with a 1-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, offering a wealth of child and education-focused content. Additionally, they come with a two-year worry-free guarantee, ensuring hassle-free replacements if they break.

Eero Mesh Wi-Fi Router Deals:
Eero’s mesh Wi-Fi systems are renowned for their ease of setup and management, as well as their ability to provide fast and reliable wireless internet coverage. The Eero Pro Mesh WiFi Router 3-pack, priced at $150, is an excellent mid-range option that covers large areas without compromising on performance. If you require more coverage and advanced features, the Eero Pro 6E 2-pack is a great choice. With a discount of $120, it can cover up to 4,000 sqft and handle up to 100 connected devices.

For those living in apartments or smaller homes, the Amazon Eero 6+ 1-pack is an ideal option. With Wi-Fi 6 support and coverage for up to 1,500 sqft, it offers the same functionality as multi-router mesh systems but at a more affordable price of $90.

Fire TV 4K Deals:
Amazon’s Fire TV 4K devices are also part of the birthday celebration sale. These streaming devices provide access to a wide range of entertainment options, including popular streaming services and apps. With discounts available, now is a great time to upgrade your home entertainment setup.

Amazon’s celebration of Alexa’s birthday brings significant discounts on a variety of tech products, including smart speakers, displays, mesh Wi-Fi routers, and Fire TV devices. Whether you’re looking to enhance your smart home setup or upgrade your entertainment experience, these deals offer great value for money. Act fast, as the duration of the sale is uncertain.

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