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Joe Hamann Appointed Executive Director of UWM’s Connected Systems Institute, Paving the Way for Advanced Manufacturing and Workforce Development.

Title: Joe Hamann Appointed Executive Director of the Connected Systems Institute at UWM

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) has announced the appointment of Joe Hamann as the executive director of the Connected Systems Institute. Hamann, an engineering and technology leader with extensive experience, will work alongside Wisconsin industries to develop the workforce of the future in advanced manufacturing.

Hamann’s passion lies in industry 4.0 and transferring innovation in advanced manufacturing to the industry. With a career focused on making people stronger, he aims to leverage the potential of the Connected Systems Institute to drive progress in this field.

Established in 2017, the Connected Systems Institute brings together UWM faculty, student researchers, and industry partners to develop advanced manufacturing processes. The institute utilizes artificial intelligence, automated robotics, and streaming data on the Industrial Internet of Things to enhance factory efficiencies and inform strategic decision-making.

Rockwell Automation, the founding partner of the institute, has provided support for the executive director position. Kyle Crum, Rockwell Automation’s director of advanced technology, expressed excitement about the partnership with UWM and the addition of Dr. Hamann to the institute, emphasizing his skills, experience, and passion as valuable assets for the industry.

Hamann brings 17 years of experience in materials engineering to his new role. He has held various positions in research and development and engineering, including senior director of engineering for the Industrial Components Division at Regal Rexnord. During his tenure, he introduced additive manufacturing and spearheaded the company’s early-career engineering leadership development program.

As the executive director, Hamann will collaborate with industry partners to identify challenges that can be addressed through advanced manufacturing. The Connected Systems Institute will also provide training to prepare the workforce for the rapid acceleration of advanced manufacturing technology.

The Connected Systems Institute currently includes six industry members, including Rockwell Automation, Fortinet, UScellular, Brady Corp., and Heartland Business Systems. Hamann believes that these companies are well-positioned to recognize improvement opportunities that can be addressed using the tools and resources offered by the institute.

Under Hamann’s leadership, the Connected Systems Institute at UWM aims to drive innovation, efficiency, and improvement across various operations, ultimately shaping the future of advanced manufacturing.

In conclusion, Joe Hamann’s appointment as the executive director of the Connected Systems Institute at UWM signifies a significant step towards advancing advanced manufacturing and creating a skilled workforce for the future. With his expertise and passion, Hamann is poised to lead the institute in fostering industry collaborations and driving technological advancements in the field.

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