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Aramco Showcases Industrial Internet of Things Deployment at Global Summit, Highlighting Safer, Smarter, and Cleaner Energy Industry Potential.

Aramco, the Saudi Arabian oil company, showcased its deployment of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology at the Global Industrial Internet of Things Summit in Dhahran. The company’s Executive Vice President of Technical Services, Wail Al-Jaafari, emphasized the integration of IIoT across Aramco’s infrastructure, highlighting its potential to create a safer, smarter, and cleaner energy industry. Al-Jaafari explained that Aramco has deployed IIoT technology in various areas, including operations, project execution, and environmental monitoring. The company has invested in creating a smart plant infrastructure that enables the deployment of a wide range of IIoT applications and solutions at scale. Aramco’s Fourth Industrial Revolution Center serves as the hub for engineers to use AI and machine learning to transform big data into actionable insights that enhance operational decision-making. Al-Jaafari emphasized the importance of collaboration between end-users, suppliers, regulators, and academics to unlock the full potential of IIoT technology. The Global Industrial Internet of Things Summit aimed to accelerate the development and adoption of IIoT, bringing together industry leaders, subject matter experts, and decision-makers in the field. The summit also aimed to create opportunities for economic growth, social development, and youth upskilling and empowerment in Saudi Arabia.

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