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Hyundai’s State-of-the-Art Electric Vehicle Factory in Singapore Signals a New Era of Innovation and Automation.

Hyundai has recently opened a state-of-the-art electric vehicle factory in Singapore, marking a significant step in the company’s electrification strategy. The Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center Singapore will utilize advanced production methods and employ 200 robots to carry out half of the tasks. This high-tech facility aims to move away from traditional conveyor belts and instead synchronize the virtual and physical worlds in real time, allowing humans and robots to collaborate in new and innovative ways.

With a production capacity of 30,000 electric vehicles per year, the Singapore plant is set to become one of Hyundai’s key innovation pillars for the next 50 years. By leveraging the capabilities of robots, human employees will be able to focus on more creative and productive duties, while the robots handle assembly, inspection, and component process management.

The facility currently manufactures the IONIQ 5 electric vehicle and the fully autonomous IONIQ 5 “robotaxi,” which can operate without a driver. Hyundai plans to expand its production line to include the IONIQ 6 sedan starting from next year. The company has not disclosed the exact value of the investment in the Singapore factory, but previous reports suggest it to be around $300 million.

The opening ceremony was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong, who highlighted the significance of this investment for Singapore. He noted that while the city-state was once an assembly center for vehicles, high costs led auto companies to relocate to more affordable countries. However, with the paradigm shift in the automotive industry towards electric vehicles and automation, Singapore is now witnessing the return of high-value automated industries.

Hyundai’s new electric vehicle factory in Singapore represents a major milestone in the company’s commitment to electrification. By embracing advanced production methods and leveraging the capabilities of robots, Hyundai aims to lead the way in the electrification era and shape the future of the automotive industry.

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