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Operators Unprepared for Revenue Potential in Low-Power IoT Roaming: Study Recommends AI-Based Roaming Detection Services for Maximizing Gains

Operators unprepared for high gains from low-power IoT roaming

The 5G market is rapidly evolving, and one key market that has come to life in recent months is low-power Internet of Things (IoT) roaming. However, a study has found that many operators are unprepared for the potential revenue gains that can be achieved in this sector. The study recommends that operators partner with suppliers that can provide AI-based roaming detection services to ensure sophisticated detection and maximize revenue.

Low-power IoT roaming refers to the ability of IoT devices to connect and communicate with networks in different geographical locations, even when the devices have low power requirements. This is particularly important for applications such as smart city infrastructure, environmental monitoring, and asset tracking, where devices need to be able to roam seamlessly and efficiently.

The study highlights that operators need to invest in technologies and solutions that can accurately detect and track low-power IoT devices as they roam between networks. This is crucial for ensuring that operators can bill for the services provided by these devices and maximize revenue.

AI-based roaming detection services are recommended as they can provide operators with the ability to identify and track low-power IoT devices in real-time. These services use advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze network data and identify roaming devices. By partnering with suppliers that offer these services, operators can ensure that they have the necessary tools to effectively manage and monetize low-power IoT roaming.

The study also emphasizes the importance of collaboration between operators and suppliers in the low-power IoT roaming market. By working together, operators can leverage the expertise and resources of suppliers to develop and deploy innovative solutions that meet the unique requirements of this market.

In conclusion, operators need to be prepared for the potential revenue gains that can be achieved in the low-power IoT roaming market. By investing in AI-based roaming detection services and collaborating with suppliers, operators can ensure that they are well-positioned to capitalize on the opportunities presented by this emerging market.

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