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Ring Battery Doorbell Plus vs. Ring Video Doorbell 4: Which Smart Doorbell is Right for You?

Ring Battery Doorbell Plus vs. Ring Video Doorbell 4: Stick with 1080p or upgrade to 1536p?

When it comes to smart doorbell cameras, Ring is a household name in the industry. Their video doorbells allow you to monitor your front door and packages, even when you’re not at home. Two popular options from Ring are the Battery Doorbell Plus and the Video Doorbell 4. Both offer unique features, but which one is right for you?

Let’s start with the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus. Priced at $180 on Amazon, this doorbell boasts some impressive upgrades. It offers 1536p HD+ footage, color night vision, and a 1:1 aspect ratio for a head-to-toe view. It also features real-time package alerts and a quick-release rechargeable battery that can last up to eight months on a single charge. The video quality is superb, and the wide field of view ensures you won’t miss anything happening at your doorstep. However, some advanced features, such as video recording and cloud storage, require a paid subscription. Additionally, it only works with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks.

On the other hand, the Ring Video Doorbell 4 is priced at $160, making it a slightly more affordable option. It offers 1080p streaming footage and a four-second color pre-roll function. The 16:9 aspect ratio and dual-band Wi-Fi system add to its user convenience. The battery can last up to a year without charging, making it one of Ring’s best video doorbell cameras. It supports both 5GHz and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks and can be wired or battery-operated. However, the vertical field of view is not as great as the Doorbell Plus, and most advanced features also require a paid subscription.

So, which one should you choose? It ultimately depends on your needs and budget. If you prioritize video quality and advanced features like color night vision and real-time package alerts, the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus might be the better option for you. However, if you’re looking for a more affordable choice that still offers excellent video quality and convenient features like color pre-roll recording, the Ring Video Doorbell 4 is worth considering.

Both doorbells are available on Amazon, Ring’s website, and Best Buy. The $20 price difference between the two is reasonable considering the added features of the Doorbell Plus. Take into account the differences in video resolution, aspect ratio, night vision, and viewing angles when making your decision. Whichever you choose, both options will provide you with a reliable and convenient way to monitor your front door and enhance your home security.

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