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Spotlight on IoT: Driving Connectivity and Sustainable Growth at World Internet of Things Convention 2023

Spotlight Shines on IoT’s Role in Growth and Development

The World Internet of Things Convention 2023, with its theme “New IoT, New Economy, New Era,” has opened in Beijing, bringing together participants from around the world to discuss the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) in driving connectivity and sustainable growth. The convention has highlighted the importance of embracing emerging digital technologies, with Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, emphasizing that the IoT is reshaping industries and driving socio-economic changes globally.

Guterres noted that through real-time data sharing and networking of information, IoT applications across various sectors such as transportation, agriculture, energy, and healthcare are improving quality of life and advancing the Sustainable Development Goals. He stressed the need for international cooperation to ensure that frontier technologies like the IoT and artificial intelligence serve humanity, bridging divides and uplifting lives.

The convention has also underscored the role of the IoT in shaping a sustainable and economically vibrant future. Jo Cops, President of the International Electrotechnical Commission, highlighted how the IoT supports the transition to renewable energy through smart grid applications and revolutionizes smart cities by enhancing urban services, transportation, waste management, public safety, and health.

He Xuming, Chairman of the World Internet of Things Convention executive committee, emphasized that the IoT has found major applications in various industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, healthcare, energy, and environmental protection. He believes that the IoT-fueled digital economic industrialization will usher in a new world economic and social landscape, with China playing a leading role in promoting IoT infrastructure construction.

China, in particular, has set an example in sustainable development in IoT infrastructure. The country is expected to have over 3.2 million 5G base stations this year, laying a solid foundation for IoT development. China’s IoT connections are anticipated to surpass 2.3 billion this year, with the country’s digital economy exceeding 60 trillion yuan ($8 trillion) and growing at a rate of over 25% year-on-year.

To further promote the development of the IoT digital economy, the convention launched an initiative to build an intelligently interconnected global market. It called for the elimination of barriers to innovative development, strengthened cooperation in high-tech innovation, and the collective creation of a smart Earth as a global home.

He Xuming expressed his expectation for closer international cooperation on emerging technologies, including the IoT, to drive connectivity, mutual development, and sustainable growth in the long run.

The World Internet of Things Convention 2023 serves as a platform for global stakeholders to gather and discuss the transformative potential of the IoT. It highlights the importance of international cooperation in harnessing emerging digital technologies for the benefit of humanity, while also recognizing China’s leadership in promoting IoT infrastructure and sustainable development. As the IoT continues to shape industries and drive socio-economic changes, it is crucial for nations to work together to ensure a connected and sustainable future for all.

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