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Virginia Launches Shared Solar Projects, Bringing Low-Cost Renewable Energy to Low-Income Households

Title: Virginia Celebrates the Launch of Shared Solar Projects, Bringing Low-Cost Renewable Energy to Low-Income Households

Date: November 20, 2023

Waynesboro, Virginia – Today, Dimension Renewable Energy (Dimension) is set to celebrate the launch of one of Virginia’s first shared solar facilities. The 5-megawatt (MW) project, named Waynesboro Bridge Solar, will bring low-cost clean energy to 1,200 low-income households in the area. The event will be attended by state leaders, regulators, and industry partners, highlighting the significance of this milestone in Virginia’s renewable energy journey.

Shared solar, also known as community solar, is a program that allows individuals who lack roof space or the financial means to install their own solar panels to subscribe to a shared solar facility. This innovative approach enables renters, small businesses, and homeowners to benefit from renewable energy and reduce their electric bills.

Dimension’s Waynesboro Bridge Solar project is one of twelve solar facilities developed, owned, and operated by the company. These facilities are part of Virginia’s shared solar program and will collectively serve nearly 10,000 low-income households. Subscribers to the program are expected to save over $20 million in lifetime energy costs.

Bryan Bentrott, Vice President of Origination at Dimension, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “Virginia’s shared solar program empowers residents to take control of their electric bills and participate in the clean energy economy, regardless of whether they own their own solar panels or a home.”

The Waynesboro Bridge Solar project is a significant step towards achieving Virginia’s renewable energy goals. By providing affordable clean energy to low-income households, it not only reduces carbon emissions but also addresses energy equity by ensuring that all residents have access to the benefits of renewable energy.

The success of shared solar programs like Waynesboro Bridge Solar demonstrates the potential for renewable energy to create a more inclusive and sustainable future. As more states and communities embrace shared solar initiatives, the transition to clean energy becomes more accessible and equitable for all.

Dimension Renewable Energy’s dedication to expanding access to renewable energy and their collaboration with state leaders and industry partners is a testament to the collective effort required to drive meaningful change in the energy sector. With continued support and innovation, shared solar projects will play a vital role in shaping a greener and more inclusive future for communities across the United States.

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