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DISCOVER-US Project to Revolutionize EU-US Collaborative Research in Computing Continuum and IoT

DISCOVER-US, a 30-month project launched on January 1, 2024, aims to revolutionize EU-US collaborative research in the field of computing continuum, distributed computing, and swarm intelligence. The project will strengthen transatlantic research efforts and reinforce Europe’s position in cloud-to-edge computing, IoT, and the tactile internet. By integrating elements of computing, connectivity, IoT, AI, and cybersecurity, DISCOVER-US will create a collaborative research ecosystem for pre-competitive research.

The project coordinator, Koen De Bosschere from Ghent University, explains that the name DISCOVER-US has a dual meaning. Researchers from the US will discover “us” in Europe, while EU researchers will discover research in the US. This collaboration will enhance synergies, experience, and knowledge sharing, fostering a collaborative research community.

Rolf Riemenschneider, head of sector at the European Commission’s DG CNECT, emphasizes the importance of immediate smart decision-making in complex and distributed environments. The collaboration with US partners will tackle the growing complexity of programming for localized AI at the edge and intelligent orchestration of connected IoT objects.

The European Commission welcomes this new era of EU-US partnership, supporting the transformative journey towards trust across the computing continuum. Ellen Zegura, division director for the NSF’s Division of Computer and Network Systems, highlights the transformative potential of international partnerships and the crucial role of collaborations in advancing research on a global scale.

DISCOVER-US aims to promote research contributions that raise the level of abstraction in complex application development and execution on the computing continuum. It also seeks to generate new concepts for distributed computing, swarm intelligence, and edge intelligence. The project aims to enable trustworthy AI-enabled self-organized, dynamic, and adaptive resource management near the edge of the compute continuum.

By energizing EU-US collaborative research, DISCOVER-US paves the way for advancements in edge AI and computing systems. This project exemplifies the power of international partnerships in unlocking the full potential of the computing continuum and driving research on a global scale.

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