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RES’ Cairnmore Hill Wind Farm Proposal in Thurso Puts Biodiversity First, Aims for 16% Net Gain and CO2 Offset.

Biodiversity gain is at the forefront of British renewable energy company RES’ proposal for the Cairnmore Hill Wind Farm in Thurso. RES has submitted a Biodiversity Enhancement Management Plan (BEMP) alongside its planning application, outlining measures to enrich the local ecosystem. The plan includes the enhancement of wet heath habitat, the planting of broadleaved woodland, the creation of species-rich scrub, and the planting of hedgerows. These measures aim to improve the flora and fauna of the area, which has seen a 15 percent decline in average species abundance since 1994, according to the State of Nature Report. If approved, the wind farm would contribute to a 16 percent Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) and offset 23,736 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. It would also generate enough clean electricity to power approximately 28,000 homes and provide significant economic benefits to the local area. RES plans to establish a Biodiversity Management Group to oversee and monitor the implementation of the BEMP. The company is committed to enhancing biodiversity and mitigating the effects of climate change through its renewable energy projects.

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