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A Holistic Approach to Financial Stewardship: The Threefold Framework of Building, Giving, and Investing

Title: Build. Give. Invest: A New Framework for Financial Stewardship

In the realm of Christian finances, the prevailing wisdom has often emphasized the importance of making money in order to give it away. While charitable giving is undoubtedly a noble act, this framework fails to address the potential impact of investing in for-profit companies. Henry Kaestner, co-founder of Faith Driven Entrepreneur and Faith Driven Investor ministries, presents a new threefold framework that encompasses building, giving, and investing. This article explores the significance of this holistic approach to financial stewardship.

The Incompleteness of the Traditional Framework:
For years, the prevailing belief has been that the most virtuous use of one’s money is to donate it to nonprofits, give a tithe, and await heavenly rewards. However, this perspective neglects the potential for entrepreneurship and investment to align with God’s vision for financial stewardship. Kaestner, as both an entrepreneur and investor, has grappled with this tension and seeks to provide a more comprehensive framework.

The Importance of Investing:
Kaestner argues that investing in for-profit companies can have a significant kingdom impact. Faith Driven Entrepreneurs and Investors around the world are building ethical cultures within their companies and positively influencing their communities. While nonprofits and charities play a crucial role in advancing God’s Kingdom, they are not the sole means to do so. Investing in for-profit ventures allows individuals to use their capital to create positive change in the business world.

The Threefold Framework: Building, Giving, and Investing:
The new framework proposed by Faith Driven Investor emphasizes three key components: building, giving, and investing. Building refers to the entrepreneurial aspect of creating and growing businesses that align with ethical and moral values. Giving remains an essential part of financial stewardship, acknowledging the importance of supporting nonprofits and charitable causes. Finally, investing in for-profit companies complements building and giving, allowing individuals to use their capital strategically to make a positive impact.

Henry Kaestner’s threefold framework of building, giving, and investing offers a fresh perspective on Christian finances. It recognizes the potential impact of entrepreneurship and investment in addition to charitable giving. By embracing this holistic approach to financial stewardship, individuals can effectively use their resources to build ethical businesses, support charitable causes, and invest in for-profit ventures that align with their values. This framework encourages a more comprehensive understanding of how one’s finances can contribute to God’s Kingdom.

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