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Anne Arundel County and City of Annapolis Partner with Resilience Authority to Accelerate Renewable Energy Transition and Enhance Climate Resilience.

Anne Arundel County and the City of Annapolis have announced a partnership with the Resilience Authority of Annapolis and Anne Arundel County to develop “Resilient and Ready Anne Arundel.” This initiative aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate the transition to renewable energy in the region. The partnership will focus on projects that protect public and private infrastructure, forests, and farmland from the impacts of climate change.

The Resilience Authority will collaborate with County and City agencies, as well as non-governmental partners, to identify and develop a portfolio of impactful projects. These projects will address flood control, ecosystem resilience, shoreline protection, structural resilience, energy resilience, and other community-based initiatives. The goal is to prioritize projects with the most impact for the region and continually evaluate and update the portfolio as needed.

The planning framework for Resilient and Ready Anne Arundel is inspired by the process used in the Gulf Coast, which guides investments in large-scale restoration and risk reduction projects. This approach will help assess, plan, prioritize, and implement resilience projects in Anne Arundel County and the City of Annapolis. By evaluating the potential benefits and costs of proposed projects under different climate change scenarios, the framework will identify the highest-priority projects and seek funding to supplement existing resources.

The Resilience Authority was established in 2021 as the country’s first multi-jurisdictional climate resilience authority. Its mission is to identify and finance projects that support regional resilience efforts, focusing on mitigating climate threats such as sea-level rise, storm events, and excessive heat. The Resilient and Ready Anne Arundel initiative is a significant step towards addressing the long-term impacts of climate change on local infrastructure.

By partnering with the Resilience Authority, Anne Arundel County and the City of Annapolis are demonstrating their commitment to climate resilience and sustainable energy solutions. This integrated portfolio of projects will not only help reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also protect vital infrastructure and natural resources. With a focus on efficiency and maximizing co-benefits, Resilient and Ready Anne Arundel aims to make the region stronger and more adaptable to the challenges of climate change.

As climate change continues to pose significant threats to communities worldwide, initiatives like Resilient and Ready Anne Arundel serve as models for proactive and collaborative approaches to building resilience. By investing in renewable energy and implementing sustainable projects, Anne Arundel County and the City of Annapolis are taking important steps towards a more resilient and sustainable future.

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