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Breweries Partner with Vanguard Renewables to Make Super Bowl Sunday More Sustainable and Combat Climate Change.

Breweries across the United States are taking steps to combat climate change and make Super Bowl Sunday more sustainable. With Americans consuming approximately 325 million gallons of beer on this day, breweries are grappling with the issue of waste disposal. However, Vanguard Renewables, a leader in food and beverage materials management, is working with breweries of all sizes to recycle their organic waste through anaerobic digestion. This process converts the waste into renewable natural gas, which can power communities, businesses, and homes. The byproducts of the anaerobic digestion process, such as bedding for farm animals and liquid fertilizer, also support regenerative agriculture. Vanguard Renewables is even able to process expired beer in cans and kegs that would have otherwise ended up in landfills or incineration.

John Hanselman, Chief Strategy Officer of Vanguard Renewables, explains that the company works with both large and small breweries to recycle their waste, including spent grains and liquids. By offering a sustainable solution to dispose of organic materials, Vanguard Renewables is helping breweries reduce their carbon emissions and contribute to a circular economy. The organic waste collected from partner breweries is brought to Vanguard’s farm-based anaerobic digestion facilities, where it is combined with dairy manure and converted into renewable energy.

Dan Sartwell, Head of Brewing Operations at Black Flannel Brewing and Distilling Company in Vermont, emphasizes the importance of sustainability in their brewing process. They not only recycle their organic waste but also their Pak Tech beer toppers. Sartwell explains that partnering with Vanguard Renewables to produce renewable energy was a logical decision, as it is more cost-effective than dealing with waste-related issues such as septic system damage or pollution of waterways and landfills.

In New England, Vanguard Renewables collaborates with several brewers, including Tree House Brewing Company, Berkshire Brewing Company, Shacksbury Cider, and Wachusett Brewing Company, to recycle their organic waste. By collecting their spent grains and other byproducts, Vanguard Renewables helps these breweries reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a greener Super Bowl Sunday.

As breweries continue to prioritize sustainability, initiatives like recycling organic waste into renewable energy are crucial in reducing their environmental impact. By adopting circular solutions and partnering with companies like Vanguard Renewables, breweries are making significant strides towards a greener and more sustainable future.

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