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Building Trades Unions Launch Climate-Focused Training Program to Bridge Skills Gap in Green Building Sector

Building Trades Launch Training Program to ‘Connect the Big Green Dots’

Canada’s Building Trades Unions (CBTU) recently announced the launch of a climate-focused training program for construction industry professionals. The Building It Green training course, developed with funding from Employment and Social Development Canada, will be rolled out to over 200 union training centers across the country in the coming months. The program aims to enhance climate literacy among skilled trades workers and help them connect the dots between their training and green building projects.

According to CBTU Executive Director Sean Strickland, climate literacy is critical for trades workers to innovate and develop new tools and techniques for building a more sustainable Canada. The program will train more people faster for the jobs of tomorrow and contribute to building an economy that works. Minister Randy Boissonnault of Employment and Social Development Canada also emphasized the importance of training programs like Building It Green in building union capacity and helping workers develop green building retrofit skills.

The Pembina Institute, a non-profit think tank, welcomed the program as an opportunity to address skills shortages and capitalize on the human resources needed to build a clean economy. The investment in green retrofit training is seen as crucial in accelerating the implementation of energy-efficient retrofits, reducing emissions, and providing protection from extreme weather events. The program announcement comes at a time when many skilled tradespeople are retiring, but apprenticeship programs are booming, indicating a growing demand for skilled workers in the green building sector.

The Building It Green training program is expected to have a significant impact on the construction industry by equipping trades workers with the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to the transition to a low-carbon economy. By connecting the big green dots, tradespeople will be able to play a crucial role in building a sustainable future for Canada.

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