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Google Meet Expands ‘Companion Mode’ to Android and iOS, Enhancing Meeting Experience for In-Room Conferencing Systems.

Title: Google Meet ‘Companion Mode’ Now Available on Android and iOS

Google is expanding its second screen “Companion Mode” feature to the Meet app on Android and iOS. Originally introduced for the web and Nest Hub Max, this feature allows users to access interactive features and controls while participating in a Meet call via an in-room audio/video conferencing system. With Companion Mode, users can engage in meetings without the need to open a laptop, making it particularly useful in meeting spaces where room for a laptop is limited or during large in-person meetings.

Enhanced Meeting Experience:
Companion Mode offers several convenient features for users participating in Meet calls using an in-room audio/video conferencing system. These features include the ability to check-in to the conference room using a mobile device, share emoji reactions without interrupting the speaker, raise a hand to indicate a desire to speak, turn on captions for subtitles, exchange chat messages with other participants, and view and zoom in on presented content to follow along with the presenter on their own device.

Mobile Convenience:
On mobile devices, Companion Mode allows users to fully participate in meetings without the need to open a laptop. Users can simply tap the “Use Companion Mode” button on the pre-join screen and access all the interactive features and controls right from their mobile device. This is particularly beneficial in meeting spaces where laptop space is limited or during large in-person meetings, such as all hands or town halls, where discreet participation is desired.

Rollout and Compatibility:
Google Meet Companion Mode will be rolled out to Android and iOS devices over the coming weeks. It will be available for both Workspace and personal Google Accounts. The minimum Android version required for Companion Mode is Meet – 229 and Gmail – 2024.01.28, while the minimum iOS version required is Meet – 225.0 and Gmail – 6.0.231231.

With the introduction of Companion Mode on the Meet app for Android and iOS, Google is enhancing the meeting experience for users who participate in calls using in-room audio/video conferencing systems. This feature allows for seamless and convenient participation in meetings without the need for a laptop, making it ideal for conference rooms with limited space or large in-person meetings. As Google continues to innovate and improve its collaboration tools, Companion Mode is another step towards creating a more inclusive and efficient meeting environment.

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