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Is Rat Tourism on the Horizon for Minneapolis?

Title: Is Rat Tourism Coming to Minneapolis?

In a surprising turn of events, it seems that rat tourism could be the next big trend in travel. A recent article by Thrillist suggests that cities like New York City and Brussels have seen a rise in rat tourism due to the increasing rat population worldwide. Unfortunately, Minneapolis has not been exempt from this trend, as it climbed from 12th to 11th place on Orkin’s “2023 Rattiest Cities List.”

The rise of rat tourism can be attributed, in part, to the popularity of platforms like TikTok. People are flocking to participate in “rat tours” in the top three rat-infested cities in America. In Brussels, the trend has become so popular that they have created an entire exhibit called “Rattus” in their Sewer Museum, where visitors can experience life as a rat in a sewer.

Chicago’s famous “rat hole,” an image of a rat trapped in cement on a sidewalk, has also become a popular tourist attraction. People are being bussed in to see this bizarre sight. With Minneapolis steadily climbing the list of rattiest cities, one can’t help but wonder if rat tourism will soon make its way to the city.

While it may seem like an unusual subject, rat tourism is a growing trend that cannot be ignored. As cities around the world grapple with the increasing rat population, tourists are finding fascination in exploring the hidden world of rats. Whether it’s visiting rat-infested areas or immersing oneself in rat-themed exhibits, rat tourism offers a unique and unconventional travel experience.

As the rat population continues to grow, it’s crucial for cities like Minneapolis to address this issue. Efforts should be made to control the rat population and ensure the cleanliness and safety of public spaces. By taking proactive measures, cities can not only combat the rise of rat tourism but also improve the overall quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

In conclusion, rat tourism may seem like a bizarre concept, but it is undeniably gaining traction in cities worldwide. With Minneapolis making its way up the “Rattiest Cities List,” it remains to be seen if rat tourism will become a reality in the city. However, it is crucial for cities to address the rat population issue to maintain cleanliness and safety for residents and visitors alike.

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