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Renu Kumari: Pioneering Sustainability and Inclusion in Hospitality Leadership at Shangri-La Dubai

Shangri-La Dubai’s director of engineering, Renu Kumari, believes that inclusive cultures enrich the hospitality industry for all. With over 12 years of experience in commercial enterprises and luxury residential properties, Kumari brings expertise in hotel pre-opening, post-opening operations, and successful renovations. Her responsibilities include leading a skilled team, optimizing operational efficiency, and fostering a culture of innovation through sustainable practices and meticulous infrastructure standards.

Kumari has been part of multiple pre-opening properties and has managed cluster engineering operations roles. She has successfully implemented cost-effective technology upgrades to optimize operational efficiency. Understanding the brand perspective and bridging gaps with project teams have always been her focus. In 2022, she played a pivotal role in managing and delivering significant projects totaling almost AED100 million in investment. She oversaw project planning, execution, and ensured adherence to timelines and budgetary constraints.

As the first woman engineering chief in Asia for Shangri-La, Kumari is committed to advocating for gender equality in leadership positions. She actively promotes diversity and inclusion within the hospitality industry through initiatives such as mentorship programs, equitable hiring practices, and fostering an inclusive workplace culture. By creating opportunities for talented individuals, irrespective of gender, she believes in contributing to a more dynamic and innovative industry that reflects the richness of diverse perspectives.

In her role as director of engineering, Kumari embraces a comprehensive approach to sustainability and green building practices. She implements energy-efficient systems, waste reduction initiatives, and sources eco-friendly materials. Kumari has overseen the integration of green technologies, such as renewable energy solutions and energy-efficient HVAC systems, contributing to reduced environmental impact. She also ensures that the properties she manages adhere to the highest standards of sustainable and environmentally conscious practices by obtaining relevant certifications.

Balancing the daily engineering operations of Shangri-La Dubai comes with its challenges, according to Kumari. She must address unforeseen technical issues while meeting the demand for seamless operations. However, her commitment to excellence and her ability to tackle challenges head-on have enabled her to succeed in her role.

Renu Kumari’s technical and financial accomplishments, commitment to diversity and inclusion, and dedication to sustainability and green building practices make her a valuable asset to the hospitality industry. With her leadership, Shangri-La Dubai is well-positioned to continue delivering exceptional experiences while prioritizing environmental responsibility and creating a culture of inclusivity.

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