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NREL-Led Workshop Highlights Urgency of Addressing Clean Energy Technology Degradation

NREL-Led Workshop Points to Path for Clean Energy Future

A recent workshop organized by the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) highlighted the critical need to address degradation rates in clean energy technologies. As renewable energy continues to gain prominence in meeting future energy demands, the reliability and longevity of these technologies become increasingly vital. With the forecasted generation of terawatts of electricity from wind and solar sources, mitigating degradation is crucial for national energy security and economic prosperity.

The workshop, which brought together experts from industry, universities, and national laboratories, emphasized the potential for significant cost savings through improved system performance and longevity of clean energy technologies. The recommendations put forth by the participants aim to establish industry standards and support the transition to a net-zero carbon emission economy by 2050, aligning with the White House’s goals.

Dirk Jordan, a distinguished member of NREL’s research staff and lead author of the workshop’s recommendations paper, emphasized the importance of investing in degradation science now to reap benefits in the future. The paper, published in the journal Joule, outlines a pathway for achieving terawatt/gigaton scale performance in clean energy technologies, focusing on solar, wind, batteries, and electrolyzers.

Key takeaways from the workshop include the necessity for reliable data on technology performance, the importance of collaboration between manufacturers and research institutions, and the need for a feedback loop to enhance technology readiness and deployment. By addressing common challenges across different clean energy technologies, the workshop participants underscored the significance of collective efforts in advancing the clean energy sector towards a sustainable future.

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