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CARB Invests $33 Million in Zero-Emissions School Transportation Efforts

CARB Utilizes $33 Million to Promote Zero-Emissions School Transportation

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is expanding its efforts beyond electric school buses to enhance zero-emissions transportation for students. CARB recently allocated $33 million to seven low-income communities to support sustainable mobility options benefiting schoolchildren. While the funding does not include electric school buses, projects like the City of El Monte’s acquisition of electric shuttle buses aim to provide eco-friendly transportation solutions. The Clean Mobility in Schools and Sustainable Transportation Equity Project focuses on initiatives like electric car and bike sharing, as well as programs promoting bicycle and pedestrian safety, such as Safe Routes to School. By investing in projects like the Sacramento City Unified School District’s Safe Routes to School program, which includes transportation assessments and safety planning, CARB aims to reduce personal vehicle dependency and improve access to clean transportation options. This funding is part of California’s broader commitment to combat climate change, with a significant portion dedicated to accelerating the transition to zero-emission vehicles and developing charging infrastructure. CARB’s initiatives underscore the state’s dedication to fostering sustainable transportation solutions and addressing mobility disparities in underserved communities.

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