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India’s Solar Power Dominance: A Landmark in Renewable Energy Progress

India’s renewable energy sector reached a significant milestone in January 2024, with solar power accounting for an impressive 56.08% of the nation’s total renewable energy output. This achievement underscores India’s strong commitment to sustainable energy sources and signifies a crucial step towards a cleaner future. The country, with an installed renewable capacity of 135.116 GW (excluding hydropower), is making remarkable progress in renewable energy adoption. Solar energy, with an installed capacity of 74.306 GW, led the way by contributing 56.08% to the total renewable energy generation in January 2024, amounting to 9,008.47 million units for the month. This surge highlights the rapid expansion of solar infrastructure nationwide, supported by government initiatives and favorable policies promoting clean energy adoption. Wind energy followed closely, contributing 25.37% to India’s renewable energy generation, totaling 4,075.12 million units in January 2024, with an installed capacity of 44,969.23 MW. India’s growth in wind power reflects the country’s rich wind resources and sustained investments in wind energy projects, both onshore and offshore.

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