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Enhancing Sustainability in Core & Shell Projects with Green Globes CS.

Green Globes® for Core & Shell (CS) protocol by Green Building Initiative (GBI) is a valuable tool for assessing and improving the sustainability of building projects focused on the core and shell components. This protocol assists architects, tenants, construction professionals, and owners in evaluating and quantifying sustainability efforts tailored to the specific needs of core and shell projects. By identifying criteria that may not be applicable to certain projects, Green Globes CS allows teams to concentrate on sustainable initiatives that are relevant, enhancing the overall sustainability of the building.

The user-friendly online questionnaire and integrated assessment process of Green Globes CS enable project teams to explore environmental improvement options during design and construction, evaluate different design scenarios, and monitor building performance. By providing feedback early in the process, Green Globes CS empowers teams to make informed decisions that can lead to time and cost savings through integrated design and delivery. The third-party assessment process of Green Globes CS is cost-effective and beneficial for validating sustainable practices in building projects.

Dennis Greeno, Principal at OZ Architects, recommends using Green Globes to measure and validate sustainable principles in projects, emphasizing the importance of having sustainability efforts quantified. Green Globes CS allocates points across various categories such as project management, site, energy, water efficiency, materials & resources, emissions, and indoor environment, totaling to 1000 points. This structured approach helps project teams focus on key sustainability aspects and work towards achieving a higher rating for their core and shell projects.

Green Globes CS is tailored for new construction projects limited to the core and shell of the building, including “cold shell” and “dark shell” projects that may not encompass HVAC and lighting components. This targeted approach allows project teams to easily identify criteria that are not applicable to their project, enabling them to prioritize sustainable initiatives that align with the specific requirements of their core and shell projects.

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