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Advocating for Smart Grid Technology to Revolutionize Nigeria’s Power Sector

Clean Energy Firm Advocates for Smart Grid Solution in Nigeria’s Power Sector

Kodion Energy and Kodion Consulting’s CEO, Joshua Okorie, highlighted the need for Nigeria to transition from its current national grid system to a more modern micro-grid or smart grid structure. Okorie emphasized that without embracing this technological shift, Nigeria will struggle to solve its power challenges even in the next 100 years. The call for modernization was made during an online session with journalists in Abuja.

The push for a smart grid solution comes at a time when the power industry in Nigeria is facing significant hurdles. By advocating for a shift towards smarter grid technologies, Kodion Energy aims to address the inefficiencies and limitations of the current grid infrastructure. Embracing modern grid solutions could pave the way for a more reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy system in the country.

Okorie’s insights shed light on the importance of leveraging advanced technologies to transform Nigeria’s power sector. As the country grapples with persistent power issues, the adoption of smart grid solutions could offer a pathway towards a more resilient and responsive energy network. By embracing innovation and modernity, Nigeria has the opportunity to overcome its power challenges and pave the way for a brighter energy future.

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