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Exploring Circular Management of Grid-Scale Renewable Energy Infrastructure in South Australia

In the pursuit of a sustainable and circular future, Infrastructure South Australia (ISA) has partnered with AECOM to explore the management of grid-scale renewable energy infrastructure at the end of its life cycle. This collaboration aims to inform ISA’s 20-Year State Infrastructure Strategy, ensuring that South Australia’s energy network aligns with environmental best practices. Through a comprehensive study, AECOM has identified 18 promising opportunities for circularity, considering physical materiality, recovery practices, and policy interventions.

The analysis conducted by AECOM not only assessed the recoverable materials from infrastructure but also explored global examples for local adoption, highlighting potential policy mechanisms and commercial feasibility for circular practices. By outlining actions and opportunities for ISA, this study serves as a roadmap towards a more sustainable and circular approach to managing renewable energy infrastructure in South Australia. As the state progresses through the energy transition, these insights will play a crucial role in shaping its long-term infrastructure strategy.

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