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Huawei’s Intelligent Distribution Solution (IDS) Revolutionizes Electric Power Management at MWC 2024.

Huawei has unveiled its Intelligent Distribution Solution (IDS) at the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona, Spain. This innovative solution aims to accelerate electric power intelligence by addressing challenges such as high line loss, poor reliability, and new energy load management pressure. David Sun, Vice President of Huawei, introduced the IDS during the summit, emphasizing the importance of transitioning to systematic digitalization for electric power enterprises. The IDS utilizes key technologies within a cloud-pipe-edge-pipe-device architecture, offering on-premise private cloud digital foundations and both wired and wireless backhaul network solutions.

The IDS has already shown success in China, enabling real-time monitoring of distribution networks, intelligent management of low-voltage distributed new energy, and enhancing service digitalization in power transformer districts. The solution incorporates next-generation technologies like high-speed power line carrier communication (HPLC) for efficient data acquisition and connectivity. Furthermore, collaboration with ecosystem partners has led to positive test results in countries outside China, demonstrating the global potential of the IDS.

During the summit, industry leaders like Sigit Witjaksono from PT. PLN Icon Plus and Mahmoud BinAhmed from Integrated Dawiyat shared insights on innovative practices and asset monetization in the electric power sector. Moving forward, Huawei aims to continue sharing digital transformation methodologies with customers and partners to accelerate intelligent development in the electric power industry globally. The IDS represents a significant step towards enhancing digital foundations and providing attractive options for the evolving market landscape.

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