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InsideOut Therapeutics: Pioneering Mental Wellness Through Wearable Technology.

InsideOut Therapeutics is at the forefront of the mental health industry, offering a unique approach to addressing stress, anxiety, and depression through wearable technology. Founded in 2022 by Juan Baez and Dr. Doug Fryday, the startup integrates bone conduction audio, EEG, and vagus nerve stimulation in their devices to provide users with a holistic solution for stress management. By enabling users to monitor physiological indicators and actively manage their mental well-being, InsideOut Therapeutics is making waves in the mental wellness space.

The company has made significant strides since its inception, including establishing an LLC, filing a provisional patent, and developing the 5th iteration of their prototype. Collaborating with the Center for Neurology Studies, InsideOut Therapeutics has conducted studies demonstrating a shift from stress-induced sympathetic states to calming parasympathetic states, showcasing the effectiveness of their product. This innovative approach, utilizing HRV and EEG data, represents a significant advancement in mental health support.

Looking ahead, InsideOut Therapeutics aims to become a leader in mental wellness, with products adopted globally by individuals and healthcare professionals. Inspired by Neuralink’s work in brain-machine interfaces, the company is dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance mental health care. By merging neuroscience and technology, InsideOut Therapeutics is revolutionizing mental wellness, setting a new standard in the industry and empowering users to lead happier, healthier lives.

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