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Nissan’s Decision to Discontinue App for Older Electric Vehicles Sparks Owner Outrage and Raises Concerns about Long-Term Support

Nissan’s decision to discontinue its app for older electric vehicles has sparked outrage among owners of Nissan Leaf cars, who feel abandoned by the company they once trusted as pioneers in the electric car market. The app, which allows remote control of functions like heating, will cease to function due to the UK’s switch-off of the 2G network. While Nissan claims this move is necessary as technology evolves, customers are expressing disappointment and frustration at the lack of notice and support provided.

Affected drivers, like Max Siegieda and David Morris, are feeling the impact of losing key features that initially attracted them to Nissan’s electric vehicles. The sudden shutdown of the app has left them questioning the long-term support and reliability of the brand. Experts warn that as technology advances, more electric vehicle owners may face similar challenges as companies phase out older systems and software updates.

Dr. Benjamin Gorman of Bournemouth University criticizes Nissan for not incorporating backward compatibility in their design, which could have allowed for alternative ways to connect to the vehicles. He highlights a broader concern within the industry as technology progresses, potentially leaving owners of older electric vehicles with limited functionality. This issue serves as a reminder of the rapid pace of technological change and the importance of future-proofing products to ensure long-term usability for consumers.

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