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University of Bath to Host Inaugural Microsystems for Healthcare Workshop

The University of Bath is set to host the inaugural Microsystems for Healthcare workshop, bringing together experts in small and micro-sized devices aimed at tackling healthcare challenges. Led by esteemed academics Professor Tianhong Cui, Professor Philip Ingham, and Dr. Despina Moschou, this event will solidify Bath’s position as a pioneer in this field by fostering collaboration among researchers from various UK universities, funding councils, and international partners. The workshop aims to explore the transformative potential of microsystems, such as wearable sensors and portable diagnostic devices, in revolutionizing healthcare delivery.

Professor Tianhong Cui emphasized the game-changing impact of microsystems in medicine, highlighting their potential to detect diseases like cancer and provide real-time health information, particularly for conditions like diabetes. The workshop will showcase cutting-edge technologies, including ‘Lab on chip’ genetic testing devices developed by Dr. Despina Moschou, which offer rapid and cost-effective diagnostic solutions for pathogens, Covid-19, and cancer. External speakers from renowned institutions like the universities of Warwick, Cambridge, Surrey, and Imperial College London, as well as UKRI EPSRC and Nature Biomedical Engineering, will contribute their expertise to this groundbreaking event.

Sponsored by the University of Bath and Microsystems & Nanoengineering Journal, this workshop signifies Bath’s commitment to advancing research and innovation in healthcare microsystems. With a stellar reputation for high-impact research and excellence in education, the University of Bath continues to make significant contributions to society, leading the way in creating a better world through research initiatives that promote sustainability, digital advancements, and improved health outcomes.

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