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Velco and muli cycles Revolutionize German Cargo Bikes with IoT Integration.

Velco, the French pioneer in connected e-bikes, has made a significant move into the German market by partnering with Cologne-based cargo bike manufacturer muli cycles. This collaboration sees Velco’s smart products integrated into muli cycles’ compact cargo bikes, enhancing them with advanced features and connectivity. By utilizing the Shimano EP6 cargo motor, Gates belt drive, and Velco applications, the muli Motor st pro cargo bike model is transformed into a smart bike, offering users a range of connected services through the muli Rider mobile app.

The partnership between Velco and muli cycles not only brings innovative IoT solutions to the German market but also emphasizes the importance of data protection and sustainable production practices. With Velco’s expertise in connecting Shimano motors and muli cycles’ reputation for quality and sustainability, the collaboration aims to provide users with a comprehensive connected biking experience. Felix Schön, Head of Marketing at muli cycles, highlighted the innovative nature of Velco’s IoT products and the potential for future developments in the connected biking space.

Velco’s focus on compliance with European data protection guidelines, coupled with their partnership with Shimano for EP6 and EP8 motors, positions them as a key player in the connected e-bike ecosystem. Their suite of features and functions, including real-time theft protection, maintenance alerts, ride statistics, and upcoming additions like crash detection and weather forecasts, offer users a seamless and secure biking experience. With a growing presence in both the German and international markets, Velco is set to reshape the cycling landscape with its cutting-edge technology and commitment to innovation.

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