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Posts published in “Electric Car”

Posts on the topic of electric cars.

Mercedes-Benz South Africa Invests in Solar PV and EV Charging Network to Drive Sustainability and Electric Mobility.

Mercedes-Benz South Africa (MBSA) is taking significant steps towards sustainability and carbon neutrality by investing R100 million ($5.35 million USD) in a solar photovoltaic (PV) installation at its East London manufacturing plant. This investment will ...

BMW Unveils Name of First Electric M Performance Car, Confirming Electrification of Iconic M3

Title: BMW Reveals Name of First Electric M Performance Car in New Trademark Filing

In an exciting development for electric vehicle enthusiasts, BMW has revealed the name of its first high-performance M electric car. The iconic BMW M3 is set to go electri...

Farewell to the Porsche Panamera Wagon: A Loss for Wagon Enthusiasts, but Electric and Gas-Powered Alternatives Remain.

Title: Farewell to the Porsche Panamera Wagon: A Loss for Wagon Enthusiasts

Porsche enthusiasts and wagon lovers alike received disappointing news recently as reports emerged that the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo wagon will not be making a...

The Impact of Car Registration Fees: Analyzing the Top 15 States with the Highest Fees in the US

Title: The Top 15 States with the Highest Car Registration Fees in the US

The automotive industry plays a crucial role in our society, encompassing everything from design and manufacturing to distribution and sales. As the industry continues...

GOP Legislators Introduce Bills to Expand Wisconsin’s EV Charging Network and Utilize Federal Funding

GOP Legislators Push Bills to Double State’s EV Charging Stations

Two Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin, State Sen. Howard Marklein and Rep. Nancy VanderMeer, have introduced bills that aim to significantly increase the number of publicly available electr...

Sydney’s Electric Car Charger Network Gets a Boost with New Partnership to Install 50 Fast Chargers at Transport Hubs.

Sydney's electric car charger network is set to receive a boost with the partnership between Transport for New South Wales and Jolt, an Australian electric vehicle (EV) charger network provider. The collaboration aims to install up to 50 new fast EV charge...

Rivian Expands Leasing Program for R1T Pickup, Making Electric Vehicles More Accessible to Customers Across the US

Title: Rivian Launches Leasing Program for R1T Pickup, Expands Availability to More States

Electric-vehicle startup Rivian is making waves in the automotive industry with its innovative R1T pickup truck. To further boost sales and meet the growing demand,...