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FranklinWH Surpasses 1000 Installers Expands to Puerto Rico Yahoo Finance

FranklinWH Surpasses 1000 Installers, Expands to Puerto Rico

FranklinWH Energy Storage Inc., a leader in whole-home energy management, has achieved a new milestone by onboarding its 1000th installation company after only one year of U.S. market availability. FranklinWH provides energy freedom to homeowners across the United States and is committed to ensuring that partners can easily and safely install Franklin Home Power (FHP) systems and quickly commission them for homeowner use.

The FranklinWH Certified Installer program highlights the firm’s commitment to ensuring that partners can easily and safely install FHP systems and quickly commission them for homeowner use. FranklinWH provides strong benefits to installers, including easy installation, fast commissioning, professional training, and world-class customer service.

FranklinWH is not afraid to rapidly change the status quo of home energy storage systems by working closely with its partners to exceed market expectations. Solar Power World’s user community recently voted FHP, a whole-home energy management and storage solution, as the leading battery and storage solution in its 2022 Leadership Program.

In March 2023, FranklinWH was qualified for sales in Puerto Rico by LUMA and in February 2023 announced an agreement with Sunnova Energy International, Inc to offer FHP as an option for the Sunnova Adaptive Home®. FranklinWH’s 1000th certified installer achievement extends a growing list of successes for the company.

“Over the last few years, the residential renewable energy market has experienced monumental traction,” said Vincent Ambrose, Chief Commercial Officer at FranklinWH. “FranklinWH reaching its 1000th certified battery installer coupled with an expansion into Puerto Rico is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team and partners. We are excited to continue to provide energy freedom to more households across the United States and beyond.”

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