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Posts published in “Electric Car”

Posts on the topic of electric cars.

Electric Car Mavericks Challenge Tesla’s Dominance in Australia: BYD and LDV Lead the Charge in Expanding EV Choices and Encouraging Legacy Brands to Adapt.

Title: Electric Car Mavericks Challenge Tesla's Dominance in Australia

Australian drivers have embraced electric vehicles (EVs) with almost 57,000 new EVs hitting the roads this year. While US automaker Tesla currently dominates the low-emis...

Leapmotor Expands Globally with New EV Models, Unveils Mid-Sized C10 SUV at Munich Motor Show

Leapmotor, a Chinese electric vehicle (EV) startup, has announced its plans to expand globally with five new models. The company aims to enter right-hand drive markets, including Europe, and has unveiled its mid-sized C10 electric SUV at the 2023 Munich mo...

Energy Secretary Blames ‘Poor Judgment’ after Staff Blocks EV Charger: Incident Sparks Debate on Biden Administration’s Electric Vehicle Policies

Title: Energy Secretary Blames 'Poor Judgment' after Staff Blocks EV Charger

Subtitle: Incident Sparks Debate on Biden Administration's Electric Vehicle Policies

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm recently faced criticism after a report emerged that one ...

Chinese Electric Cars: Balancing Opportunity and Risk in the UK’s Transition to Electric Vehicles

Title: Chinese Electric Cars: A Challenge and Opportunity for the UK

The rise of Chinese electric cars is posing a dilemma for the UK. Should the country fight the influx of Chinese electric vehicles with tariffs, or should it embrace the im...

The Challenge of the $25,000 Small Electric Car: A Pricing Strategy that Raises Concerns

Title: The Challenge of the $25,000 Small Electric Car: A Failure in Disguise

Transport and Environment recently released a study claiming that small electric cars priced at €25,000 will become profitable by 2025. This news has sparked excit...